Marathon Training: Week 1, Day 4

Distance: 1.5 miles

Average Pace: 10:54 minute mile

Feeling: tired but stronger

Comments: I need a way to break the sleeplessness I’m currently experiencing.  All tiredness aside, I’m on a strict timeline. I have to get up to train.  This low mileage is nothing compared to way lay ahead.  I hope I start catching more zzz’s before then!

I’m proud of myself today though.  I picked up the pace a bit.  I’m not looking to shatter records or become the speediest version of myself, but I do want to run strong.  I’ll find my happy pace for the longer distances; however, for these shorter distances, I would like to start pushing myself a bit.  I know, relax, Kristin.  It’s been three days.  Get your momentum back gradually.

How do you stretch after a run? #onceagymnast

How do you stretch after a run? #onceagymnast

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