Marathon Training: Week 1, Day 3

Distance: 3 miles

Average Pace: 12:00 minute mile

Feeling: clodhopper-ish

Comments: I’m hoping that once I get back into this running routine, I’ll be sleeping better throughout the night. Maybe I was so eager to run again today that I was up at 4:30 willing myself to get another hour of rest.  While I’m known as being an early bird, and early morning is my prime writing time, I like sleep.  I need sleep.

Whenever I’m starting to run again after a hiatus I always feel heavy footed such as today.  I feel great now that my run is done, but I ran with lead feet on the treadmill making my 3 miles torture. I have to keep reminding myself it’ll get easier.

On the plus side, I’m beginning to make a running playlist for you guys.  My taste in music differs than other playlists I’ve seen out there.  One more won’t hurt especially if you and I share the same love of We the Kings.

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