30 Day Squat Challenge

Trends seem to always grace Pinterest and us intense Pinners jump on the bandwagon with the latest craze.  In the Spring of 2013, it seemed to be that everyone was completing a 30 challenge of some sort.  I chose the “30 Day Squat Challenge,” which is exactly what it sounds like- 30 days of squats.  You work your way from 50 squats the first day to 250 by day 30.  It might sound intense- ok, I won’t lie, it is intense- but my booty thanked me after that month.  I felt it firm, lift, and defy age (ok, maybe not that last part).

What’s the trick?  Stick to it!  I guarantee you’ll dread squats some days, but don’t falter.  Squat while watching your favorite TV shows.  It somehow dulls the pain.  You can split your squats into reps but I don’t recommend it.  If you can, complete the day’s challenge without resting.  This adds to a greater end result (pun intended?).  I was able to complete my squats even while even on vacation.  You’ll always be able to make time for these.

Are you interested in completing the 30 day squat challenge?  Check out the photo below and follow along.  I intend to start this challenge again on August 1.  Who’s with me?

 Found on 30dayfitnesschallenges.com

Found on 30dayfitnesschallenges.com

What are the keys to doing the proper squat?

1.  As you bend your knees, your butt should push backward and weight should be distributed over your heels instead of your toes.  Your knees should not excessively over your toes.

2.  Keep your gaze focused straight ahead, chest up, and shoulders back.

3.  Aim to get your hamstrings parallel to the floor.  This will not be possible for everyone if your hip flexibility is minimal.

4.  Engage your abs and glutes.

Good luck!  Here’s to defying gravity!

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